Commercial Services – Supply Chain Solutions

Dedicated Contract Carrier

Bennett will guarantee capacity with our Dedicated Contract Carriage services. Bennett offers contract procurement, evaluation, and direct service options to our customers. Bennett’s vast asset base can be contracted directly. Bennett’s team of subject matter experts will analyze your specific requirements and guide you through the carrier prequalification and contracting process. Bennett will administer your dedicated carrier contracts to ensure technical compliance. A Bennett Dedicated Contract Carrier solution includes:

  • Quantifiable Cost Reduction
  • Continuity of Service
  • Single Point Accountability
  • Carrier Prequalification and Vetting Process
  • Existing Asset Base Integration
  • Recapitalization Analysis
  • On Site Supervision
  • Collaboration with 3rd Party Transportation Providers
  • Tax Advantages for Operating Leases

Emergency Response Management

Bennett’s subject matter experts provide expert advice and assistance throughout the preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation phases of the Emergency Response process. Bennett will develop communication plans, coordinate community response teams, manage inventories for disaster relief and response supplies, and coordinate delivery for those supplies during an event.  Bennett has a longstanding history supporting the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  Bennett’s Emergency Response Management offerings include:

  • Consulting – Pre Emergency Response Contingency Preparation Planning
  • Catastrophe Modeling
  • Evacuation Planning
  • Inter-agency Effort Coordination
  • Mitigation Strategy Development
  • Response to Recovery Transition
  • Command Center Logistics Support Personnel
  • Project Management – Execution Support Services
  • Outsourced Field Logistics Support Teams – On the Ground Crisis Management
  • Bennett Communications Center with “Real Time” Order Tracking and Tracing
  • Purchase Order and Vendor Expedite Services
  • Shipment Staging and Distribution
  • Field Site Storage, Inventory Management and Distribution
  • Equipment Pool – Asset Management and Distribution
  • Equipment Tracking and Tracing Among Field Site Locations 
  • Expedited Truck Dispatch
  • Trailer Staging and Site Center Delivery
  • Air Freight Services
  • Air Charter Services
  • Ocean Charter Services
  • Expedited Truckload and Hot Shot Truck Transport
  • Equipment Driveaway Services
  • Equipment Tow-away Services
  • Equipment Van, Flatbed, Step Deck, RGN, Specialized and Heavy Haul Services
  • Mobile Office, Housing and Modular Storage Transport
  • Freight Payment / Vendor Services
  • Equipment Recovery and Inventory Reconciliation 
  • Post Project Lessons Learned – Contingency Plan Improvements

Bennett responds with the integrity and responsibility to react and perform when you need us the most.

Pick and Pack Services

The selection of a third party logistics provider for your pick and pack needs is crucial. Bennett has experience providing dependable order fulfillment and pick and pack services to customers of all sizes. Some of our Pick and Pack Services include:

  • Kitting and Assembly
  • Shrink-wrapping
  • Poly-bagging
  • Product Labeling
  • Barcoding

Pipe Yard Distribution / Management

Bennett supports a 17 acre pipe yard and oilfield distribution center in Houston, TX. Some of our Pipe Yard Distribution and Management services include:

  • Pipe / Tubular / Bar Stock Storage and Distribution
  • Outside Equipment Storage and Distribution
  • Expedited Trucking Services
  • Direct Vessel Discharge
  • Rail Car Unloading and Storage Placement
  • Inventory Management Service  (WMS)
  • Customer Portal Supply Chain Inventory Visibility
  • Customized Pick and Pull SKU Inventory  Capabilities
  • Rapid Order Processing with 3 Hour Turn Ratio Services
  • Project Staging and Distribution
  • Drill Rig Staging and Transportation
  • Expedited Oilfield Order Processing 

Bennett has the expertise, facilities and equipment to service your pipe and oilfield requirements.

Project Mobilization and Execution

Bennett’s seasoned team of Project Managers will mobilize and execute your project in alignment with the strategic goals of your organization. Bennett embraces the Project Management Institute’s idea that there is a strong correlation between an organization’s capabilities in project and program management and the organization’s effectiveness in implementing strategy. Today’s logistics marketplace is increasing in complexity daily, as are today’s logistics projects. Bennett excels at providing solutions to these complex and difficult problems, we offer a full suite of services and personnel to lead and support any logistic effort. Examples of Bennett’s Project Mobilization services include:

  • Determine Project Scope, Parameters and Constraints
  • Define and Benchmark Present Conditions and Operations Processes
  • Define Specific Operational Requirements and Project Exceptions
  • Evaluation of Client Expectations and Technical Requirements
  • Conceptual Objectives and Strategic Goals Design
  • Define Project Costs and Supporting Infrastructure
  • Detailed Project Organization and Execution Plan
  • Operation Plans and Identify Support Resources
  • Support Vendor / Service Provider Compliance and Organization
  • Project Management Teams Constructed and Personnel Requirements

Rail Transload

Since 1974, Bennett has provided excellent multi-modal transloading services. Bennett will execute the final leg of your logistics supply chain from any port or railhead inland to distribution centers, warehouses or end user facilities or the reverse. Bennett will make all required arrangements with stevedores, ship lines and railroads. Some of the Bennett Rail Transload and Inland Distribution qualifications are:

  • TWIC Certified Project Personnel and Drivers
  • Dedicated Port and Rail Service Terminals

RFID / UID Solutions

Bennett assesses your specific logistics needs and provides a comprehensive inventory tracking and control system. Bennett’s subject matter experts have longstanding experience designing UID solutions (bar-coding) that give product visibility at the per unit level. This is a key capability to successful quality control and assurance. Bennett also offers design and implementation services for both passive and active RFID solutions. All of Bennett’s solutions are compliant with DOD rules and regulations pertaining to the labeling and tracking of items, pallets, containers and other shipment items (MIL-STD-129P).

Storage Solutions

Bennett has facilities and infrastructure available worldwide to provide our clients with safe and accessible storage for their goods in process or excess inventories. Bennett can provide solutions for rapid access to customer support materiel staged at our strategic locations. In transit storage solutions are available for customers. In transit sites are frequently required prior to destination sites being complete. Bennett’s consultants can tailor a storage solution specific to your situational requirements that will exceed expectations at the lowest possible cost.

Supply Chain Visibility

With years of supply chain and procurement experience, Bennett provides solutions that address today’s end-to-end supply chain visibility needs. Bennett’s visibility platform serves our demanding global accounts daily. System links to Transport Providers, Warehouse Providers and other logistics support enables Bennett to offer a seamless and single-source supply chain management service portal. Our Supply Chain Visibility service offerings for user front end include:

  • Web-Based Transactional Views
  • Extensive Transactional Search Capability 
  • Ability to Capture Customer Dedicated Information Combined with a Robust Search Mechanism to Manage and Filter Information Quickly
  • End-to-End Materiel Visibility Through a Single Interface 
  • Order Visibility with Links to Associated Shipments and Shipment Events
  • Visibility to Shipment Events such as: In-Transit Status/Exception Milestones Standardized Transportation Related Milestones; Pick-up, Estimated Delivery, In-Customs, Out-of-Customs, Delivery, etc
  • View Transaction Related Documents Online (e.g. packing list, invoice, DD250 etc)
  • Monitoring Capability with a Sophisticated Alerting System that will Create Notifications in Case of Time Delay or Quantity Variance
  • Proactive Notification Feature Critical to Merge-in-Transit
  • Notifications can be Sent via Email, SMS and EDI to the Appropriate User or Operator for Action

Transportation and Warehouse Management IT Systems

Bennett’s team is staffed with logistics professionals that provide logistics management services to business managers and their customers in the areas of transportation management, warehouse management, process engineering, information technology infrastructure, supply chain performance reporting, and supplier management. Bennett will design a tailored system to your specific requirements. It will provide all the necessary personnel and activity required to sustain that system on an enduring basis. The hallmarks of a Bennett IT solution are:

  • Enhanced Cost Management and Control Capabilities
    • Price and Service Evaluation
    • Flexible Platform
    • Integrated with Breakthrough Fuel Management System
    • Continuous Improvement and Cost Reduction Programs
    • Freight Audit, Payment and Claims Management
    • Centralized Cost Capture and Reporting
    • Enhanced Data; Quality, Consistency and Granularity
    • Improved Delivery Service
    • Integrated Visibility Platform
    • Real-time Visibility of Transport and Inventory Activities
    • Business Intelligence Data and Performance Monitoring
    • Load Building/Optimization
    • Reduced Logistics Cycle Times
    • Advanced Supply Chain Management
    • Standard, Repeatable Management Practices
    • Optimization of the supply Chain Network and Processes
    • Single Point of Contact

    Validated Vendor Payment

    Bennett provides Validated Vendor Payment processing and validation programs to help manage purchased goods and services in your supply chain.  Our Validated Vendor services include:

  • Vendor Contract Management
  • Vendor Purchase Order / Match Pay Systems
  • Vendor Purchase Order Automatic Rating and Reconciliation
  • Vendor Audit
  • Vendor Payment Systems
  • Claims and Refund Processing
  • Accounting System Integration
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Vendor Transparency Payment Processing

Bennett provides the support to reconcile vendor’s performance to their payment. This provides visibility resources to reflect volume increases or decreases to enable decision support data for your processing needs.