Government Services – Logistics Planning

Acquisition Strategies

Bennett subject matter experts are well versed in needs recognition and acquisition planning, contract formation, and contract administration. Bennett will work with you to develop sound acquisitions practices that eliminate inefficiencies and reduce waste. Our planners and consultants can help you reduce spending at every point in the acquisition process by identifying existing non-value added procedures, enhancing the effectiveness of upfront planning, performing market analysis, providing cost estimates, analyzing contract types and incentives, and providing objective third party review at critical stages.  Some of our Acquisition Strategies service offerings include:

  • General and Specific Market Conditions and Operational Restrictions
  • Technical reviews for “Best in Class” operational structures and continual cost analysis
  • Vendor Sourcing and Purchase Order Procurement Management
  • Life Cycle Inventory or Services strategies & construction
  • Operational Structure Recommendations
  • Personnel Recommendation and Cost Evaluation

BRAC Logistics

Bennett has a deep wealth of experience with the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process, refined through the execution of numerous BRAC 2005 project relocations. Change management, planning, strategic sourcing, analysis, and execution services are provided to simplify the BRAC process from inception through closeout and mitigate interruption to unit operations. Bennett’s “Mission First” approach to the BRAC process guarantees a customer first attitude that is adaptable, flexible, and able to overcome those unforeseeable events that arise when working hand in hand with military units in an environment where mission accomplishment is paramount.

  • Item by Item Inventory Analysis
  • Inventory Chain of Custody and Control Design and Planning
  • Transport Mode Selection
  • IT Infrastructure Design and Support
  • Preplanning and Synchronization Meetings
  • Packing, Crating, and Storage Design and Selection
  • Subcontractor Requirements and Management
  • Property Book Turnover Facilitation


Since 1974, Bennett has achieved recognition as a leader in planning and executing logistics projects of all types and sizes. Bennett consultants leverage the first hand knowledge gained from running the day to day operations of the entire Bennett family of companies, a “Mission First” focus, lean methodology, and a deep understanding of the government and military operating environment to provide your organization with relevant, timely, and practical guidance that yields real world results. Using our extensive knowledge of industry and government best practices, Bennett delivers products and services that are tangible, demonstrable, and measurable. Strategic planning, process modeling, decision support systems, quality management and quality assurance, outsourcing, and business process reengineering are a few of the comprehensive services that Bennett’s seasoned staff of consultants provide on an enduring basis. In addition, Bennett provides consultants with expertise in the following areas:

  • Evaluation of the Existent Supply Chain Application Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Architecture Design of a Modified Supply Chain
  • Policy and Doctrine
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Core Carrier, Service Provider, and Vendor Compliance Review
  • IT Requirements for TMS, WMS, EMS, QMS module integration
  • Life Cycle Management Planning
  • Integration and Execution Planning
  • Supply Chain Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Quality Metric Construction and Management Systems Review

Deployment Logistics

Bennett is a full spectrum provider of deployment logistics services. We provide expert advice in; assistance, guidance, management, and operational support services that permit the deployment of supplies, equipment, materials and associated personnel. Bennett’s subject matter experts have many years of practical military experience. This coupled with private sector and government agencies experience, affords Bennett the proven competencies and capabilities in the following:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Plan Analysis and Validation
  • Operational, Deployment, and Sustainment Plan Development
  • Logistics Execution Services
  • Logistics Systems Design, Planning, and Operation
  • Resource Management (Public and Private)

Full Life Cycle Planning

Logistics planning and support “from product inception to the foxhole” for government and military operations and requirements. Logistics planning begins at the moment the need for a new product arises. Bennett’s subject matter experts leverage decades of experience in the logistics environment to develop innovative solutions that embrace the newest technologies and lean methodologies to keep costs low and delivery trouble free. Bennett designs logistics systems from startup surge through sustainment and finally recycle and disposal. Bennett provides you with single point accountability across every facet of your supply chain.

Logistics Systems Design and Engineering

Bennett’s logistics consultants provide logistics system design services tailored to the specific needs of military and government organizations. Bennett will design a system that sources components, materials and equipment at the lowest possible cost. Likewise, it will transport those items in the most efficient manner possible. Bennett will provide analysis of the various modes of transport available to sustain strategic inventories at every point in the supply chain. Bennett’s decades of experience provides powerful insight into today’s dynamic marketplace. These insights help us anticipate our customer’s needs and engineer complete logistical systems that are failsafe and lean.

Project Organization and Project Personnel

Bennett excels at providing solutions to these complex and difficult problems. We offer a full suite of services and personnel to lead and support logistics efforts. Examples of Bennett’s Project Organization services include:

  • Determine Project Scope, Parameters and Constraints
  • Define and Benchmark Present Conditions and Operations Processes
  • Define Specific Operational Requirements and Project Exceptions
  • Evaluation Client Expectations and Technical Requirements
  • Conceptual Objectives and Strategic Goals Design
  • Define Project Costs and Supporting Infrastructure
  • Detailed Project Organization and Execution Plan
  • Operation Plans and Identify Support Resources
  • Support Vendor / Service Provider Compliance and Organization
  • Project Management Teams Constructed and Personnel Requirements
  • Master Time Line Scheduling
  • Project Communication Systems
  • Implementation Management Support Service with Milestone Definition
  • Project Cost Management and Metric Management
  • Vendor / Contractor Audit Payment Processes
  • Post Project Compliance and Reporting

Regulatory and Security Compliance

Today more than ever, compliance with domestic and international regulations is paramount; Bennett has years of experience providing support to the Department of Defense, including the transport of sensitive materiel, and is a long standing member of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-T PAT). Using that experience, Bennett has often taken an advisory role in the design of new security procedures, especially for project specific needs. Bennett’s knowledge of best practices in the ever changing regulatory environment for transportation, import/export, freight forwarding and customs bonds enables us to lead our customers to success.

Site Re-Location Organization

Bennett has exceptional experience to provide in site re-location. Transitioning you into a new environment seamlessly is paramount. By providing a single point for accountability, Bennett can ensure that each and every aspect of your project is executed in the safest, most efficient manner possible. Bennett provided site relocation services to numerous military units under the BRAC 2005 Act. This accounted for the movement of over ten million pounds of materiel in order to consolidate costs for the Department of Defense. Bennett’s team has the expertise necessary to manage any site relocation from beginning to end. Our subject matter experts have experience providing site selection, new site design and layout, relocation and startup services.

Vendor Management

Outsourcing your vendor management duties can free up your organizations labor force to do what it does best. For our military customers, this means more time spent focused on the mission and less time worrying about managing service contracts. Bennett provides the oversight of third party vendors and subcontractors on a daily basis. Our team can insure that your vendors execute their duties in alignment with contract parameters and strategic goals.