Government Services – Project Logistics

Asset Management – Utilization

Bennett makes the most of its capital, and believes that its customers should as well. As the cost of operations increase and the utilization of transportation and fixed assets mounts, Bennett has a solution to control your transportation fleet cost and meet the necessary compliance and liability risk requirements in today’s marketplace. Specific Asset Management services include:

  • Fleet Organization Management
  • Trailer Pool Management
  • Equipment Tracking and Tracing – Location Management
  • Equipment Registration and Licensing and Renewal
  • Equipment Maintenance and Inspection
  • Equipment Compliance Record Keeping and Reporting
  • Equipment Cost Center Management
  • Dashboard and Real Time Reporting
  • Management Report and Economic Analysis for Increased Efficiency

BRAC Solutions

Bennett has a deep wealth of experience with the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process. This experience has been refined through the execution of numerous BRAC 2005 relocations. Change management, planning, strategic sourcing, analysis, and execution services are provided to simplify the BRAC process. This is done from inception through closeout to mitigate interruption to the units operation. Bennett’s “Mission First” approach to the BRAC process guarantees the customer will receive a logical, adaptable, and flexible plan with contingencies for the unforeseen typically experienced within military environments. Specific BRAC Project services include:

  • Item by Item Inventory Management
  • Transport Mode Plan and Support
  • Web-based Inventory Management and Reporting
  • Inventory Chain of Custody and Control
  • Preplanning and Synchronization Meetings
  • Packing, Crating, and Storage Plan and Support
  • Onsite Management
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Property Book Turnover Facilitation

Heavy Lift Planning and Execution

As a leading logistics provider for specialized, heavy and super-heavy haul transportation needs on both a domestic and international basis, Bennett has a wealth of experience in the planning and execution of Heavy Lifts. This very unique and specialized skill includes thorough risk and cost assessments, detailed planning, and an execution model that will positively impact your bottom line. Bennett provides full service Heavy Lift Planning and Execution operations that include consideration of all Heavy Lift logistical elements:

  • Project Organization and Technical “Scope of Move” Requirements
  • GAP / Risk Analysis
  • Rigging Evaluation and Recommendations to Lift Plan
  • Lift and Crane Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Lift Plan  
  • Packaging and Transport Fabrication Support Recommendations
  • Ocean – Break Bulk Carrier and Service Review and Recommendations
  • Inland Truck Transport – Carrier and Service Review and Recommendation
  • Route Survey Evaluation and Plan
  • Barge – Carrier, Equipment Options and Service Review and Recommendation
  • Barge Transportation and Tie Down Plan
  • Rail – Carrier, Equipment and Service Review and Recommendation and Tie Down Plan
  • Air – Carrier, Equipment Options, Time Line Availability, Services Review and Recommendations
  • Customs Clearance and Import / Export Processing

Inventory Management

Bennett brings decades of experience delivering innovative Inventory Management solutions. Bennett offers multiple services from general product inventory management and distribution to complex worldwide support and control. All options are provided with real time visibility and end to end single point visibility across the supply chain.  Bennett’s capabilities include comprehensive knowledge across multiple inventory management platforms. Bennett will design and engineer a system tailored to meet your specific needs. Our Inventory Management service offerings include:

  • Distributed Order Management
  • Inbound Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • Kitting and Assembly
  • Outbound Processing
  • Direct to Customer
  • Asset Management
  • Bar Code Scanning and Inventory Reconciliation
  • Parcel Management
  • Web Based Customer Portal Supply Chain Visibility and Tracking

Nuclear New Build Project Compliance and Execution

Bennett has emerged as the industry leader in logistics support for the construction of the specialized Nuclear New Build sites in Georgia and South Carolina. Bennett’s best business practices and project execution models have earned a reputation for being quality focused and reliable logistics solutions. Our logistics solutions are proven and meet or exceed the United States Department of Energy nuclear requirements and standards.  Some of the Bennett specialized suite of nuclear services includes:

  • Project Logistics and Implementation Plans
  • Transportation Chain of Custody Organization, Documentation and Compliance Reporting
  • Sub-Module Transportation Engineering Review, Trailer Selection and General Arrangement Plans
  • Dedicated Specialized Equipment Transportation, Over-dimensional and Over-weight
  • Safe Haven Route Survey
  • Safe Haven Monitoring Procedures, Execution Plans and Management
  • Port Inspection, Chain of Custody, Distribution Plans and Same Day Delivery
  • Post Shipment Transportation Plan Recap – Compliance Reporting
  • Specialized Stainless Steel – Pristine Condition Transport Services
  • Specialized Purchase Order Procurement – Chain of Custody Domestic and International Transport and Control Services
  • Quality Process System – NRC / Westinghouse Standards
  • Corrective Action / Lessons Learned Compliance
  • Post Project Transportation Shipment Recap and Compliance Reporting

Bennett has considerable capital devoted to the safe, compliant and effective execution of Nuclear New Build projects. Bennett’s specialized equipment, IT systems and personnel training and development delivers a quality focused advanced level of services to the industry.

Port Project Organization / Distribution

The Global Marketplace is changing; the widening of the Panama Canal to accommodate Post-Panamax vessels will mean a shift in the market price for transportation across the continent.  These changes, coupled with new regulations of Port Free Time Allowance, will have an impact on the deployment of manpower and materiel overseas. Bennett has a specialized team which will insure that this global adjustment does not reduce the effectiveness of your ongoing port operations or disturb synchronization with your current and future destination requirements. The Bennett model is based on enhanced organization and communication to include the following services:

  • Project Review and Master Execution Plan Construction
  • Carrier Organization and Equipment Placement
  • Direct Discharge Ocean Carrier Plan Coordination
  • Ocean Carrier / Transport Carriers Execution Port Plan Construction
  • Lift – Steamship Line – Carrier Equipment Inspection and Compliance
  • Shipment Inventory Marking and Pre Loading Organization
  • On Dock Loading and Coordinating Personnel
  • On Dock Shipment Tie Down Personnel
  • Destination Site Communication and Coordination of Departed Shipment
  • Destination Lift Plan Coordination and Execution
  • Web Based Portal Tracking and Tracing
  • Daily Status Reporting
  • Project Shipment Recap and Reporting
  • Corrective Action and Lesson Learned Training and Implementation

Project Management

Bennett’s seasoned team of Project Managers will manage your project in alignment with the strategic goals of your organization. Bennett embraces the Project Management Institute’s idea that there is a strong correlation between an organization’s capabilities in project and program management and the organization’s effectiveness in implementing strategy. Today’s logistics marketplace is increasing in complexity daily, as are today’s logistics projects. Bennett excels at providing solutions to these complex and difficult problems. We offer a full suite of services and personnel to lead and support logistic efforts. Examples of Bennett’s Project Organization services include:

  • Determine Project Scope, Parameters and Constraints
  • Define and Benchmark Present Conditions and Operations Processes
  • Define Specific Operational Requirements and Project Exceptions
  • Evaluation Client Expectations and Technical Requirements
  • Conceptual Objectives and Strategic Goals Design
  • Define Project Costs and Supporting Infrastructure
  • Detailed Project Organization and Execution Plan
  • Operation Plans and Identify Support Resources
  • Support Vendor / Service Provider Compliance and Organization
  • Project Management Teams Constructed and Personnel Requirements
  • Master Time Line Scheduling
  • Project Communication Systems
  • Implementation Management Support Service with Milestone Definition
  • Project Cost Management and Metric Management
  • Vendor / Contractor Audit Payment Processes
  • Post Project Compliance and Reporting

Route Survey – Heavy Haul / Security Compliance

Bennett’s longstanding logistics expertise provides the foundation for developing and planning custom solutions for customers with non-traditional requirements. Bennett’s team delivers route surveys that establish a clear path to the objective. A path that is free from both physical constraint and security risk. A defined and prepared route survey is the foundation of a successful delivery of over-dimensional, over-weight, and high security freight. Bennett incorporates the following in our Route Survey services:

  • Shipment Feasibility Study – Best Route Recommendations
  • Shipment Precaution and Carrier Scope of Move Requirements
  • State and Federal Permitting and Regulatory Requirements
  • Maps of Approved Routes on Local, State and Interstate, Over-dimensional and Over-weight Transport
  • Route Bridge and Weight Limitations
  • Height Clearance and Restrictions on Specific Routes
  • Bridge and Road Weight Limitations and Re-route Recommendations
  • Local Road Weight and Permitted Load Restrictions
  • Train / Tram Transverse Restrictions and Alternative Route Recommendations
  • Local and State Curfew Confirmation
  • Escort and Pilot Car Requirements
  • Equipment Restriction and Recommendations

Bennett’s Heavy-Haul and Super Heavy-Haul experts will provide their knowledge of equipment, expertise and road conditions to insure a safe and claim fee delivery of specialized dimensional movements.

Subcontractor Management

Effective contract management requires experience; Bennett understands the relationship that exists between subcontractors, prime contractors and owners in a practical and intuitive way. Bennett’s Program and Project Managers will cultivate mutually beneficial relationships between both the subcontractors and the owner and between multiple subcontractors. Bennett has decades of experience managing subcontractors in consonance to achieve optimum cost and strategically effective solutions for our customers. Some of our Subcontract Management services include:

  • Subcontract Drafting
  • Subcontract Proofing
  • Strategic Subcontracting Analysis

Trailer Pool / Management

Operational costs are rising; as a result the opportunity cost of idle fixed assets is increasing. Bennett provides solutions to control your transportation fleet cost and meet the necessary compliance and liability risk requirements in today’s marketplace.  A few of our cost saving services are:

  • Fleet Organization Management
  • Trailer Pool Management
  • Equipment Tracking and Tracing – Location Management
  • Equipment Registration and Licensing and Renewal
  • Equipment Maintenance and Inspection
  • Equipment Compliance Record Keeping and Reporting
  • Equipment Cost Center Management
  • Dashboard and Real Time Reporting
  • Management Report and Economic Analysis for Increased Efficiency

Transportation Plan / Execution

Bennett has developed and executed logistics and transportation plans for decades. The supply chain has become more complex over the years as well as transportation services and costs. When designing and engineering your logistics solution, Bennett provides a full spectrum evaluation of available resources.  Thorough analysis and attention to detail are the hallmarks of a Bennett logistics or transportation plan. Some of the areas that a Bennett logistics and transportation plan may cover are:

  • Freight Movement and Lane Segment Assessment
  • Freight Cost Analysis and Freight Cost Control Recommendations
  • Carrier Performance, Cost and Capacity Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Transport Routing and Carrier Option Recommendation
  • Carrier Compliance Review and CSA Evaluation and Continual Monitoring
  • Financial Planning and IT Programming
  • Freight Management – Metric Performance Systems 
  • Systems Management and Operational Support Systems
  • Customer Service and Management Report Support
  • Continual Goals and Objective Monitoring
  • Contingency Planning
  • Safety Processes
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Federal and State Regulatory Considerations

Transportation preparation and planning is the foundation of performance for your supply chain.